Saturday, January 30, 2016

Chromebook Security:A real life story

I've never taken the time to blog about anything personal or work related for that as both of those things I would rather keep private. But this story is just to good to not tell. Back in late November my mom asked for a laptop for Christmas. My parents were leaving on a long four month vacation and she wanted something that she could do video conferencing on for family back home. After asking what all she needed to do with it I opted to get a Chromebook for her.

So I configured it appropriately with an EFF Guide. Which is located here:

and here:

And was literally all set within a matter of a few minutes.

Here is where things got fun. So I chatted with both my parents over google hangouts one evening and my mom oddly enough said she had to call a company because she was a pop up displayed she was infected with a virus. At first I was taken back a little.... and after I had her repeat the statement she said yes it was infected with a virus so she called the number on the screen. A popup similar to this:

The next thing I asked was what did they say and I shit you not word for word in a heavy thick Indian accent. "Well since you have a chromebook there is nothing I can do. Just throw it in the trash and get a real computer."

Then the guy hung up. My parents said they just powered the laptop down and the message went away. They now know to call me instead of something like this again.

I am now a believer in Chromebook security.  Especially when something stupid like this happens.


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