Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Root CA from unknown origin on Dell Inspiron 3847

I've found another suspicious rogue CA's sitting on a Dell Inspiron. I currently have one Dell Inspiron 3847.

It's unmodified so that small daily tasks can be performed on it. I've since wiped it clean after this article showed up yesterday. 

The Rogue CA's are a little different than the ones mentioned in the article. 

This is a rogue Root CA that had my machine ID in it with the private key. It's validity occurred right when the machine was purchased and given a name. A little weird.

Encrypting file system has not been installed on this PC. All that was loaded on it was a browser and Office.

Never trust an OEM it's better just to wipe to eliminate these issues. 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

So why was this NYT article pulled?

This NYT article was pulled and some are wondering why.

A brief clip of how the article started.

I would say the article was pulled or asked to be pulled because the possible briefing in question is a NATSEC issue. 

Some say ISIS terrorists are communicating over PlayStation 4 networks:

I am still convinced that some are passing messages on pastebin such as this screenshot below:

However they are communicating. People tend to get caught.

I am still praying for Paris. I hope everyone responsible for this stupid senseless act is caught.

As @krypt3ia pointed out and I can't emphasize this enough. The PS4 article and any other encryption methods are unsubstantiated claims. The public will more than likely not find out the true methods that were used because of surveillance reasons. 

@krypt3ia has an great post on some Daesh Darknet boards that were put up recently. It's worth the read as well as any updates. 

Update 2:
A reporting error linked the Playstation 4 to Paris attacks