Sunday, August 23, 2015

Free Security Books, Training, and Classes

A collection of free security training resources and books. Good places to start.


Metasploit Unleashed -

Technet Labs (Do search for PKI) -

VMware Labs -
(Concentrate on VMware NSX intro and advanced)


Security Engineering by Ross Anderson -

Learn python the hard way (Use the try it for free) -

Coursera Courses
Cybersecurity (All Courses below. Only $49 if you want the specialization cert) -

Cryptography 1 (Standford Course) -

Software Security -

Cybersecurity and its ten domains -

Cryptography (University of Maryland) -

Hardware Security -

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technology -

Usable Security -

Cryptography 2 -

Information Security and Risk management in context -

Surveillance Law -
I highly recommend this one for counterintelligence purposes

Designing and executing information security strategies -

Kahn Academy

Computer Science -

Collection of Security Defense tactics

Privacy and security conscious browsing -

Best Practices on securing active directory -

Better Crypto hardening -

Mitigating pass the hash version 1 and 2 -

Getting Started with virtual smart cards -

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